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The Beginning of Tuning Bracelets

In 1952, a German scientist, W.O Schumann, proposed a pulsing, or a "heartbeat," of the earth at 7.83 Hz. This was verified to be correct in 1954. During the space age, both NASA astronauts and Russian cosmonauts began to complain of health problems that occurred when they were outside of Earth's magnetic field for long periods of time. In reality, the reason for this was due to their lack of exposure to the "Schumann resonances".

This is similar to the out of sorts feeling you get after a long automobile drive. Jet lag is another example you may have experienced. Astronauts experienced a series of complaints regarding "chronic fatigue". The solution was to use artificially generated Schumann — also known as "Earth Grounding" or "Earth Tuned" — frequencies. By 1974, Ludwig, another German scientist, designed the first Schumann Resonance products for use in spacecraft. ​

The Science Behind Our Bracelets​​

The science behind the tuning bracelets technology — and our flagship product, the Tuning Bracelet — is impressive. The tuning bracelet essentially acts like a tuning fork. It is electronically imprinted with the frequency at which the human body is meant to resonate. When worn, it becomes the "reference point" for all of the cells in your body, so that they all resonate at the same and correct frequency. In doing so, it alleviates the dissonances and the stresses caused by high energy electronic interference from products such as television, radio, cell phone, microwave, etc., which disrupt the normal cellular oscillation of your body.

Imagine sitting and experiencing a world-class symphony orchestra. Now remember hearing a rag-tag high school marching band. Do you want your body to feel and "sound" like the clumsy marching band, or like a harmonizing symphony orchestra? Again, you have seen what a well-tuned race-car is capable of; running for 500 laps at 200 MPH without destroying itself. Then remember driving a car with bad plugs or wires, sputtering and missing, barely able to move. Which one do you want your body to feel and "run" like? Your Tuning Bracelet will keep the cells of your body in tune like the symphony orchestra or like a race-car engine, balanced and smooth.

What Our Clients Say

Jewelry that can be worn day and night to create a spectacular diamond look.

My dog. Suffered from separation anxiety and hot spots he was a rescue dog who had panic attacks around crowds of people since wearing the dog collar by tuning bracelet he no longer has any of these issues and now travels to horse shows every weekend and loves meeting new people bandit is 3 yrs old tibitian terrier who is like my son I would of paid any price to have him happy Proud to wear tuning Bracelet

Shawna Smith

Shawna Smith

Oklahoma City, Ok

I have some Thoroughbred race people using my tags on the horses, they have all come back back and ordered enough to do all of their race horses, can not believe how much more energy, controlled energy they have and stamina.  They say it has helped with the horses that get injured during exercise runs.



From Indiana

I recently purchased my Tuning Bracelet at a kiosk at the Landing in Branson.  Since I have been wearing my bracelet I have been sleeping better and seem to have better balance.



Edmond, Ok

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​How Electromagnetic Radiation Affects Our Bodies

Our bodies are affected by cell phones, televisions, computers, wireless technologies, etc. Electronic devices emit radiation that is harmful to us. This kind of radiation creates what is known as EMF (electro-magnetic fields). The radiation shifts our bodies out of their natural alignment, which makes us more susceptible to pain. Each one of the tuning bracelets protects our bodies against this harmful radiation. The tuning bracelet is tuned to 7.83 Hz, which is the Schumann resonance. Using this technology, the tuning bracelets are able to protect our bodies against this radiation and bring our bodies back to their natural equilibrium.

The best and simplest example of the tuning bracelets technology can be demonstrated with two tuning forks of the same frequency. If the first one is held silent, unmoving, and untouched, and the second one is struck, the first tuning fork will begin to resonate, hum, or "sing" in harmony and balance with the one that has actually been struck. Your tuning bracelet acts as that necessary outside "reference point" for your body. This phenomenon is described as resonance.

The tuning bracelet's technology is based on the work of Georges Lakhovsky, a Russian engineer, and has been in use since the earliest days of space exploration. Lakhovsky correctly theorized that all living cells have three things in common which typically are associated with electronic circuitry. These characteristics include resistance, capacitance, and inductance. These features, when functioning correctly, allow the cells to resonate without dissonance. This is when the tuning bracelet comes into use. The technology acts as a "reference point" for the cells to "listen" to in order to resonate at the correct frequency.


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